Carrickmore Fly-in Sat 18th-Sun 19th May 2013

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[ATTACH=CONFIG]215994[/ATTACH]Hi Folks, Carrickmore Flying Club near Omagh in N. Ireland are hoping to run a fly-in event on Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th May 2013. Should the weather on the Saturday be unsuitable the event shall be moved to the Sunday. Carrickmore Flying Club is situated near Omagh in N. Ireland. Airfield details are as follows: 2 NM S of Carrickmore, co-ordinates: N 54:34.276 W 007:02.654 Freq: 129.825 Elev: 541ft RW 08/26 All circuits are performed to the north of the field so it's a left-hand circuit on RW 08 and a right-hand circuit on RW 26. Pilots familiar with STOL operations welcome. Landmarks which may be useful to you are a windfarm with 12 turbines to the SW and a second windfarm with 7 turbines which is situated just to the south of the strip in the deadside area. There is also quarry on short final to RW 26 at around 500 feet. FollowMe Aircraft Marshallers from Dublin have kindly agreed to assist us over the two days of the event. On the Sunday of the event Sligo Coast Guard are hoping to join us with their Sikorsky S-61. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Ian Thompson C-More Flying Club PPR: 07748 836773
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Looks like it could be a cracking event!!