Can I opt for PPL while being on Warfarine medicine?

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Dear All, First of all, thanks a lot for your knowledge sharing and help on my previous thread. I finally had my first flight lesson at Stapleford. I really liked it and wish to get at least PPL, if possible. While discussing about my ambition with Instructor, he mentioned me..I must do medical first before putting number of hours for PPL. Could you please advise what should be the way to go about it? I would also like to mention that I am on warfarine, so does that restrict me from being Pilot. Please advise. Looking forward to hear more thoughts from you all. Thank you very much! With Regards, GBP
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It will come as no surprise to you that the best person to answer that question would be an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) It is likely your club will hold a list of those close to you, and you'll possibly get some guidance as to which charge reasonably. If not go here and enter your postcode. You are looking for an initial issue of a Class 2 aviation medical - A simple phonecall stating that, and the medication you are on will get you an answer. Your alternative is to e-mail the CAA direct - their medical people are surprisingly helpful. [email] [/email] Moggy

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(What Moggy said) There can only be one answer to this question, which has already been answered by the instructor. Mandatory Aero-Medical required which can be done at Stapleford by the Aero-Medical Doctor and arranged by your instructor or at reception. It is your private & confidential-business as to why you are on any drug(s), whether prescribed or otherwise and is a legal requirement to discuss this during his Aero-Medical as well as on the initial-application form :- Any qualifying questions and answers are between the applicant and the doctor.

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I'd echo the comments about contacting the medical section or an AME. They are usually very helpful and keen to get someone flying wherever possible. There are actually a few options:
  1. A full EASA PPL requires a Class 2 medical or higher
  2. An NPPL with UK privileges including carrying passengers
  3. An NPPL with safety pilot (or solo)
The full PPL has defined medical requirements that you can read here. Have a look at the section on Haemotology for the Class 2. A lot may depend on your history and the underlying medical condition. The NPPL has a requirement based on the DVLA Group 2 professional driver standard and you can use a medical declaration from your GP. If you don't reach that standard, you can get a Group 1 declaration that is the same as saying you are fit to drive a car and will be subject to the safety pilot or solo limitation. The NPPL is only valid in UK airspace at present.