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Key's Online Shop has a wide selection of magazines, DVDs, books, models and flight sims at great prices. Some of our bestsellers are shown below. Click here for full details [ATTACH=CONFIG]219591[/ATTACH] Air Sea Rescue (DVD) The Royal Air Force maintains a round the clock, year round search and rescue service covering the United Kingdom and a large area of the surrounding sea. When a scramble call comes in, whether it is a ship in distress, military or civilian air crews in trouble, a climber lost on a snow covered mountain-side or a fire on an oil rig, RAF Rescue is there to provide assistance, day or night and whatever the conditions. This programme traces the origins of the rescue service from World War One until recent times, from the Flying Boats through to the sophisticated helicopters now in service, including Real Life footage of dramatic and dangerous rescues recorded on film by the rescue teams. Key price £7.89 Buy now! [ATTACH=CONFIG]219592[/ATTACH] Rust's and K2 Aviation (DVD) Rust's began operations in 1963 and has continuously grown its fleet. Today Rust's and K2 Aviation are based at Lake Hood and Talkeetna, Alaska. The two airlines operate passenger and cargo flights around the region as well as a number of sightseeing services. After a company presentation by Todd Rust and a pilot presentation of an aircraft cockpit and outside walkaround we are off for flights to several of the Lakes in the area. We also go on a Mt McKinley viewing tour and a Prince William Sound viewing tour and end with another first in the series as we make a glacier landing! Key price £18.49 Buy now! [ATTACH=CONFIG]219596[/ATTACH] Chalk's Ocean Airways Grumman Mallard (DVD) Chalks is the world's oldest scheduled airline, founded in 1911. Today it operates a fleet of Grumman G-73 Turbine Mallards on routes between Florida and the Bahamas as well as charter flights that include scenic overflights of Miami. In 2005 World Air Routes returned to Florida to film a brand new program. A video was filmed and released in 2001 however none of that footage was used on this new DVD which features the airline's current routes between Florida and the Bahamas as well as a very special scenic flight around the Miami area. Key price £18.49 Buy now! [ATTACH=CONFIG]219597[/ATTACH] Around the World in 80 Flights (Flight SIM) Around the world in 80 flights! Circumnavigate the globe, heading east from the historic Farnborough airfield in the UK, on an epic 80 leg journey around the world. Fly over the Alps and Pyrenees before facing the challenge of the mighty Himalayan range. Explore the Far East and Australia. Blaze a trail from the frozen north, to tropical Africa. Conquer the lonely Pacific, leapfrogging across a series of islands as you make your way to the United States. Make landfall and catch your breath before flying over some of the most stunning scenery in the world as you head across the vast expanse of the USA to the Caribbean before venturing a trans-Atlantic crossing back to Farnborough. Each of the 80 flight legs can be flown as individual or consecutive missions and are comprehensively detailed, with a flight plan, pilots notes, full briefing and a guide to many of the wonders of the world that pass beneath your wings. From man-made wonders such as the Great Pyramids and the Golden Gate Bridge, to natural wonders such as Mount Kilimanjaro, the Sahara Desert, the Indonesian Archipelago and the Grand Canyon, the entire route has been carefully chosen to showcase the breathtaking beauty of the planet. Also included a stunning recreation of the 1937 Lockheed Electra 10E aircraft flown by Amelia Earhart for her world record attempt, with many of the flights dovetailing into Earhart's route. Complete the entire trip around the globe in the Electra and you will have truly earned the special circumnavigators certificate awarded to master aviators! Key price £18.00 Buy now! Key's Online Shop has a wide selection of magazines, DVDs, books, models and flight sims at great prices. Click here for full details
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