hi all newbie here

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hi all im jim from surrey just had a couple of flying lessons that were a present last year now im hooked looking to do my ppl may have some questions and looking advice look forward to chatting to some of you

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Welcome to the forum, Jim.

Good luck with the PPL! There are some really helpful people on here, just try asking a few questions!

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Initially all you need to know is this

1) You will be perpetually as poor as a very impecunious church mouse that hasn't worked for ten years and has had its bank account hacked by the Nigerians. But when you are gasping your last you'll have a store of sights and memories that only a very few can ever experience - beats lying there thinking about all the funds remaining in your bank balance

2) You'll quickly learn to hate the British weather.

Ask away - Even if it seems like a stupid question you'll be answered, not made fun of. Those of us who fly welcome new converts.

Which schools are you considering?


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Hi all, I'm Jim from Surrey. Just had a couple of flying lessons, that were a present last year. Now I'm hooked, looking to do my PPL. May have some questions and looking advice. Look forward to chatting to some of you.

Welcome. Best wishes for your lessons, trust you make it to your PPL.