South Africa: King Air C90 crash / 3 fatalities

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A King Air C90 with 3 people on board was destroyed in an accident at Lanseria (FALA) this morning. All occupants lost their lives. The plane was on a positioning flight from the nearby Rand Airport (FAGM). Weather was reported as thunderstorms, rain and low cloud below minima for the published VOR and RNAV approaches. FALA 030500Z 08009KT 030V170 3000 -TSRA SCT005 SCT030CB BKN060 19/19 Q1019 BECMG 4000 FALA 030400Z 35005KT 290V040 3000 TSRA BKN004 SCT030CB BKN060 19/19 Q1019 BECMG 4000 January and the beginning of Feb has been a black period for aviation in South Africa with no fewer than 6 fatal crashes most of which can be found on the Aviation-Safety database.
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