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Hello everyone,

Well, there is now only two weeks left until the Today's Pilot fly-in at Gamston and things are shaping up nicely.

As we are expecting a large number of visiting aircraft it has been decided to close the unlicensed runway 14/32 for the day and use this area for aircraft parking - therefore please note that only runway 03/21 will be available for arrivals and departures.

We have now set up a link from the TP homepage to the airfield brieifing instructions - can those of you thinking about flying in please familiarise yourself with these notes before departing. It's all simple stuff, but as Gamston has an excellent relationship with its neighbours we would like to help them keep it that way.

Remember that your landings are FREE and we can now confirm that visiting pilots and crews will receive vouchers for FREE food!

I hope we will see many of you at Gamston on June 22 - please spread the word amongst your flying colleagues.

The briefing notes should answer most of the questions you may have, however, if you would like more airfield related information please call Gamston on 01777 838593/838594/838521.

For general enquiries please contact me in the Today's Pilot office on 01780 755131 or e-mail [email][/email]

All the best,


Steve Bridgewater
Today's Pilot Assistant Editor & Fly-In Coordinator

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