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Gulf War looks back on the air war over the Gulf 25 years ago, as a US-led Coalition ousted Iraqi forces from Kuwait. Extensively illustrated with photographs from the conflict, including many from private collections, it tells the story of the air war in the Gulf from August 1990 to today.

With a history of Operation Desert Storm, including pilot accounts, and details of the aircraft and air forces involved, this 100-page publication is a must-have for those seeking to understand the conflict that changed the shape of warfare.


Desert Storm: Shield Becomes Storm
On January 17, 1991 Desert Shield became Desert Storm

Air Power: Iraqi Air Force
Formidable on paper, the IrAF was denied its chance in combat

Aircraft: F-4 Phantom II
The F-4 enjoyed an incredibly successful combat swansong

Aircraft: Tornado ADV & IDS

Fighter and interceptor in service with Italian, Saudi and UK forces

Air Power: UK
The UK's fast jets took on some of the war's most dangerous missions

Air Power: Arab Coalition

A hitherto unimagined collection of Arab air power joined the Coalition


Gulf War is AVAILABLE NOW for just £5.99 from the Key Online Shop. Alternatively, you can pick up a copy from WHSmith or other leading newsagents or download your digital version here.

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