White Waltham runway update, safety guidelines to be issued.

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Mrs. WV and I had a lovely flight today. A trip to White Waltham, our first visit, to a book launch organised by Sam Rutherford (well done Sam) with what seemed to be, plenty of visitors. Great service from Glos., Brize and the AG at WW. The food was good and the club at the airfield were just what you hope to find at a "proper" airfield. The only thing that spoiled the day was the disgraceful condition of 29. I fly an RV7A and met up with friends flying an RV7 and an RV9. The state of the runway was the first topic of conversation and we all agreed that we would not risk another visit. It spoilt the day. It is my view that the excellent website for the West London Aero Club should contain a warning about ground conditions or it should be mentioned on PPR. Their only comment was that it is mentioned in Pooleys. I don't have one.
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Been like that for years ! Not just 29. I've used WW on and off, for the last 30 years and never known it any different.