Biggin Hill to gain four extra car park spaces

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The Scout Aviation Centre at Biggin Hill Airport will close next month after the airfield’s management ended the lease to make room for a ‘small gain’ in extra parking spaces. The centre is currently visited by hundreds of Scouts each year and they have been based at the airfield in various forms for 60 years in total. They have been given until September 30 to leave the premises which they moved into in 2003 following a fundraising campaign which saw them raise £30,000. The lease was expected to last until 2018 however a spokesman for Biggin Hill Airport confirmed that they had the right to end the lease at any time, as long as they provide no less than three months’ notice. A spokesman for the Scouts said: “Right now, we are all hoping for a solution that will prevent our historic Comet flight simulator from being scrapped. “The flight simulator allows young people, many from underprivileged backgrounds to experience a unique flight experience by piloting a rare 1950’s airliner. “This also poses questions to the viability of the other smaller businesses located on the airfield.”
Get rid of the Scouts so that a few more BMWs and Mercs can be accommodated...
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