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The Aeronautical Charts & Data section of the CAA would like your help.

The CAA VFR charts show disused airfields, masts, and other features readily visible from the air such as wind farms, radio telescopes etc.

In many cases there is no statutory requirement for the CAA to be informed if something is built or dimantled, or if a disused airfield is returned to agriculture and becomes hardly visible from the air. This can result in misleading chart data.

There is a feedback form here (pdf format) which you can use to notify them of any new features that you feel should be put on the chart or old features that you feel should be deleted because they are no longer conspicuous.

The same form can be used to notify them of private strips so that the location can appear on the chart.

So if you know of a useful landmark that should appear on the chart, or an existing one that is of little use, please let them know!

The CAA charts homepage contains a full up to date listing of amendments to the current charts.


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