Skywagon (HB-CRX) at RAF Leconfield 1970s?

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Just a quick one, anyone know the story of how Cessna 185a Skywagon (HB-CRX) later G-BXRH ended up at RAF Leconfield In the early 1970s, I think it was in crash and was at 60MU for some time? I found one of its wings on the airfield ner the railway line on the east side of Leconfield late 1974. It was moved from Leconfield to Cranfield about 74/75 to be reborn (The Aircraft).

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No answers, yet, but we try on this Forum! Maybe a bump will help!! Started life as N1613Z in 1962 to become G-BXRH, 12/10/97, to become M-BXRH 21/6/11 and now N185RH from 8/9/13. Photo shows aircraft in its current scheme which flew to Oshkosh last year, presumably from its base in the Isle of Man.

Sorry, missed HB-CRX which came after N1613Z. Presumably the owner is still Robert Holmes.