150 round hangars!

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Hangar aficionados will probably be familiar with the Diamond Hangar at Stansted, but round hangars?! There are over 150 round hangars in Germany which typically provide an efficient use of ground space and air space. Do many people know that? Any other weird designs that you know of?

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There are one or two turntables for aircraft storage at Seething airfield in East Anglia


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I don't know why we don't have more of them over here. They provide the best possible use of space especially if, as most in Germany tend to be, they are on a mechanically or electrically driven turntable. I first came across these useful gadgets at an airfield near Frankfurt on Main.

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There were some round hangars with turntables made on the 60s-70s in the Eastern U.S., Florida, IIRC.

In other efforts to save space, I've seen ads for a lift system so you can stack aircraft...rather like the lifts car collectors use for storage and service.