Fairoaks - Another arfield where th efuture is in question....

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Spotted on prune.org, and copied verbatim:

"This has just been sent to the tenants of Fairoaks Airport I have underlined the key part.

The owners of the site that comprises Fairoaks have proposed it as an exemplar garden village. If approved, the proposals would see the site redeveloped as a self-contained community from mid-2018 at the earliest helping Surrey Heath Borough Council meet its need for homes, business space and community facilities, such as a school and publicly accessible parkland. The scheme would have high quality design hard-wired in from the outset.

Airport operations would cease as part of the redevelopment proposals. Should a redevelopment be permitted, those businesses on site who are not reliant on aircraft operations will be encouraged to remain and occupy the proposed new business premises, helping to create a thriving mixed use community which could lead to additional jobs on the site in the future.

The plans are in the very early stages, with the site owners discussing the principles of the scheme with Surrey Heath Borough Council. To qualify as a garden village, the scheme would have to meet strict criteria including:

• The site comprising of previously developed land
• Any new development being of high quality design
• Demonstrating financial viability and deliverability
• Providing for its own infrastructure
• Being away from other settlements

Prior to a planning application being submitted, the team will be undertaking a comprehensive consultation process, starting early next year, to develop and incorporate the garden village principles into a masterplan. Fairoaks Garden Village Limited will provide details of upcoming consultation events in the New Year.

We recognise that there will be a number of queries regarding the proposals and we will be arranging tenant meetings to be held on site in the near future and will send details shortly"

So, it's presumably the same old story as at Redhill, due to it's location in prime Surrey commuter belt in the over-crowded south eastern corner, the real estate is potentially worth more if sold for redevelopment than it is as a working airfield/airport :-(.

Where's next... Blackbushe...?

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As almost always in these matters, not enough revenue producing GA activity to merit retention of the airfield.