Looks like some good airport news for a change

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Potentially good news, indeed, but also the risk that if the space is more accessible by road, then "the commercial development" that occurs over time may not necessarily be of on aviation nature.

The owners of the land could quickly find it more commercially attractive to use/rent/sell it as a space for new commercial premises, which might quickly multiply and encroach upon, and eventually cover, the area needed for a viable airfield/airport.

Living just teh otehr side of Brighton, and tending to view Shoreham as my "local airfield", I'll keep an open mind, but I cannot help but see the area as prime territory for new building - whether for commercial uses, or for residential redevelopment of the brown-field site, or for a combination of both.

The airfield site is conveniently close to the Brighton/Shoreham/Lancing connurbation, close to Worthing, and with improved access to the A27 if the proposed roundabout/junction goes ahead, it becomes even "closer" to both A23 or A24 heading north towards M25 and on into London. Of course, that degree of "ease of access to A24 depends on whether or not the current A27 'bottleneck' between the airport and the A24 ever gets a much needed bypass.

Which is more attractive to the landowner in the longer term, potentially lucrative space for sale or lease for houses/jobs for "the many", or ongoing use as an "aviation playgound" for the richer "few", in a time when Governmment is applying pressure for new homes to be built every year?

Wish I could be more positive, but......