Report: Westland Gazelle HT MK.3 (SA 341),G-BXTH, Ireland, 15 July 2015

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Maybe of interest to the Rotary community Since we have seen many videos of pilots maneuvering choppers in tight spaces. There was also a license issue. There is a video of this crash on you tube. http:// Air Accident Investigation Unit Ireland SYNOPSIS While attempting to land on a canal bank adjacent to a restaurant/guesthouse in Abbeyshrule, Co. Longford, the main rotor blades of the helicopter made contact with a timber-clad wall of the building. This caused the tail of the helicopter to swing rapidly towards the wall and collide with it. The tail boom separated from the helicopter, broke apart, and came to rest in the canal. The helicopter rolled to the right and impacted with the canal bank. Debris was scattered over a large area of the canal and its bank. There was no fire. The Pilot and Passenger evacuated the helicopter and were uninjured. One person, who was in the building at the time of the event, received minor injuries. Occurrence Date: Wednesday, 15 July, 2015 Report Date: Thursday, 2 March, 2017 View the report on the AAIU website
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I remember that video - Loved the way that the guy on the ground did not appear to spill a drop from his pint of Guinness/Murphys :D
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No good was ever going to come of it.