Fatal amphibious flying car crash on Monday.

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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4497730/ICON-A5-seaplane-crashes-tests-killing-two-people.html Sad news concerning the ICON-A5 which I believe is not a 'flying car' as the DM describe it. Also written by DM, 'the names of the victims have not been released publicly' and then promptly quote the names and publish photographs. Hope the company proceeds with this exciting new development.
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With the amount of money spent on development, to say nothing of the orders on the books (I'd imagine backed by sizeable deposits), I would think the future of the program is safe. RIP to the crew and condolences to all. At $190,000, I'm not sure how it fits into the idea of the recreational aircraft for the "common man", but in a world with lots of $75,000 autos on the road, and new pleasure boats being more than that, probably not out of line. It just seems a lot of more money to me because I can recall when new 172s were $30,000 and Bonanzas were under $100,000. :)