Biggin Hill Airport Flight School to Close after 70 Years

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After reading a letter in Pilot magazine a few months ago detailing how unfriendly Biggin was becoming to GA aviation, it would appear the well established home grown flying schools have also fell victim to this selfish attitude: -

I wonder how long it is before they start to try and grab more airspace for themselves, as TAG at Farnborough are trying to do?



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Biggin's future has been under the threat of exclusive redevelopment for a long long time. Its proximity to London means that the carpet baggers complete with sharp suits and a thirst for profit have been circling like vultures round a juicy carcass salivating at the prospect, so, all the small businesses likely to impede progress, are given the 'bum's rush'.

I did my early flight training at Biggin with the Surrey & Kent Flying Club when the field had few FTOs and was noted for its annual flying displays. I still have my Surrey & Kent members tie ! The new Biggin grabbing more CAS ? That, due to the near presence of City airport is a certainty.