The Last B-36 Peacemaker Needs Your Help

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My father is part of a large group of retired USAF pilots in Fort Worth, Texas who is trying to get the very last B-36 a home in Fort Worth, where the 7th Bomb Wing was stationed at Carswell Air Force Base.

These men restored this B-36 with thousands of hours of love and dedication to aviation history. But now plans for the plane's home have fallen through and they have no place to put this huge machine - and they would like to keep her in Fort Worth. They have an online petition to save the plane - I'm trying to get the word out to everyone I can to please sign the petition!

Could you pass this around to your warbird plane enthusiasts in the hopes that they will sign the petition and send it to their friends to sign?

Bless you! The site is

and will explain this a lot better than I!

My sincerest thanks.

Sharon Loveall
daughter of Lt. Col. Glenn R. Loveall, USAF retired, former B-36, B-52 pilot (and he flew a whole lot of other Bs, too)

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