Cardiff striker Emiliano Sala missing over Channel

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Aircraft is rumoured to be a Malibu, N264DB. Search services have been stood down until sunrise.

Glenn Miller also disappeared in the Channel. Hope it's not another Bermuda triangle.

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The Mirror article linked by Newforest seems a bit odd. It talks about a jet, and then a turbine aircraft, but I think this was a piston powered Malibu.

They went down in the dark evening, and the currents around the Casquets are strong enough to disperse light oils before morning. It's awful, but I think it may be a while before anything turns up.

This sad report makes me think he should have told the pilot to stand down. It's better to be a day late in this world than a half a century early in the next. When I was building hours for my commercial license I did a lot of weekend trips to the coast (in South Africa), on more than one occasion I had to postpone my return journey, all it cost me was having to put in a day's leave at my work.

Apparently the search has been suspended :(

Through GoFundMe

As I understood it on France24, the search will continue on the weekend when the weather calms down.

All media sites reporting that the wreckage has been located.

May justice be served.