Flying in the air without a pilots license.

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I am thinking about purchasing export products or anything in the US that is related to the equipment below. I would like to know any information about the laws within the US, can I purchase for example Russian export kind of things or sanctions are in place to prevent me from purchasing their things among other need to know information such as choosing certain places to fly them.

I will start off with my interests of purchases. "The uniqueness of this aircraft is that the mass of the aircraft according to the Russian and international classification does not require a pilot's license and medical examination. From the point of view of aviation regulation, this is a bicycle. All that a pilot needs to fly on this glider is to learn how to fly a two-seater glider with an instructor, as well as observe the rules for using Russian airspace in flights." Can this be bypassed by watching videos instead of needing an instructor?

“Visitors to the upcoming MAKS 2019 international airshow in Russia will be able to try out the new Begalet flying electric car that will be manufactured exclusively for this event.


On July 21 the hosts of the MAKS international airshow signed an agreement with the creators of the Begalet flying electric car to produce an exclusive series of vehicles for the 2019 event.

The new Begalet Exclusive MAKS 2019 electric vehicles – up to 50 units in total – will be manufactured exclusively for the MAKS 2019 airshow."

The car’s creators also told Sputnik that the Begalet Exclusive MAKS 2019 vehicle may be available to the public in about a year, and that these vehicles may also be employed as eco taxis during the 2019 airshow.

BORTS Triton is a two-seat all-terrain amphibious vehicle that can reach a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour on land. The vehicle can navigate virtually all types of terrain and glide across all manners of watery obstacles, and it also deploy a flex-wing to conduct short range flights of up to 400 kilometers, with a maximum altitude of up to 4,200 meters.

I am sure before I have seen the estimated costs of borts triton but can not find that source anywhere. Guys present flying vehicles in which you do not have to acquire a pilots license from any country to fly them. And are their laws flying them in certain states along with price tags if possible.

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