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Bucharest Aerospace Museum , a new aviation museum in Romania.

Hello. I am Marian Madalin, a simple individual, mechanical engineer. I am starting a new aviation museum , called Bucharest Aerospace Museum at Clinceni Airfield, near Bucharest, at aproximately 1 hour. This new museum has nothing to do with the actual Military Aviation Museum !I want to start this open space exhibit with aircraft that was already donated to me from Germany, USA and Canada. The aircraft is Rutan Long EZ, Piper PA-28, BD-5, SZD-30 glider. I am currently in discussion with other potential donors. Please visit me at www.aerospot.eu/?lang=en. The real challenges are that no one , from the actual romanian pilots or authorities does not involve in a financial way to help me cover the cost of transportation and logistics of these aircraft from their current location to my location, at the hangar. The particularity of this new aviation museum is that will conduct free lessons for visitors, students and children and will provide free demo flights with one or two functional aircraft from the fleet to offer a unique experience.


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