Clacton Airfield... help.

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Hi all.

Some help if you please....

For my 21st B'day in a few months, my other half has got me a 2 hour flying lesson, which i have to do from Clacton. Anyone had any experience in the area at all?

Any help etc would be appreciated. :)


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Good people.

Take the flights in their Cub rather than a Cessna, you'll never regret it.


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That man from Airport, Jeremy Something did one of those - looked like fun, have fun!

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Haven't been there for yonks, but was a very nice place. You'll enjoy the couple of hours, and hopefully have many more lessons in future.

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Andrew: Why don't you ask your instructor to take you out over some of the old disused runways in the area. Get him to show you the route on the map before you go.

Or maybe you can go and fly out over Southend airport. He'll have to talk to ATC to let you through, or arrange to do a touch-and-go at Elmsett, to the north, just to liven up what would otherwise be a very dull hour ;) .

Get him also to show you the NOTAMs for the area for the duration of your flight.

Don't go if the weather is bad. By that I mean it may look a really beautiful day to you, but if the sky is only a very pale shade of blue when you look directly up, then there is a very good chance that the visibility will be bad. This will mean that you cannot see very far forward and will only get a fraction of the enjoyment that you could have had on a clear day. There are plenty of operators who are happy to take your money and fly you around in atrocious weather. I don't know what Clacton is like, but some operators, if they know you don't know any better, there is a good chance they'll try it on.

If there is a good shade of blue between the clouds then it should be OK to go, but there are lots of other factors to look out for. Phone before you go to ensure that they are flying.

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Yeah get the Cub and go off to the local farmstrips, e.g. Tillingham and Weely.

Attached is a photo of G-BIMM, which I used when I did my tailwheel conversion at Clackers in Sept '02.