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Hello I’ve a general aviation question that I’d like answered: lately, I’ve been hearing a rather strange (to me) aircraft fly over; I am located under a busy air corridor, civilian and military. The sound was…disconcerting (see: way cool!) the first time I heard it: a LOUD, ear-splitting mechanical whine that QUICKLY tapered off to a distant rumble; now, it sounded nothing like a “normal” commercial prop or jet that constantly fly over my house (small to big; low to high ceiling), or any of the military craft that I’ve heard (F-111 subsonic and supersonic; F/A-18, et cetera.). O! No visual sighting.... Any ideas? Regards Daniel
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Sounds very much to me like the howl generated by the big USAF transports, particularly the C5 Galaxy. Moggy
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Where are you located?
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Welcome to the forum GHOUL. Is it just a noise you are hearing or a change in the noise. If you are located close by an airport or holding point, then you'll be hearing the change in the power setting of engines. You don't happen to own G-HOUL do you?