Cruise/Holmes family fleet?

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Tom Cruise is said to be a pilot and own 3 planes, one of which is a Gulfstream. He is also said to be making a present to his bride Katie Holmes, of another Gulfstream. The plane is supposed to have a custom interior, and Tom is supposed to hire a pilot to fly her.

There are the news about airlines ordering planes to be delivered in 2011 et cetera. How long does it take to build a private plane?

Which (private) family has the largest number of members owning personal customized planes?

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I'll be very surprised if anyone can answer this question. There is a good chance that no 'family' actually ownes a fleet of aircraft (give or take the guys east of Israel). More likely you will find them registered to a company. That company will have shareholders which may consist entirely of one family. But who cares?

Look up Gold Air if you are really interested. If that doesn't fascinate you, then you may note that they have a connection with Ann Summers. Now you're interested!