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Yes, I did pinch the idea from "Historic"...

Happy Landings, one and all!

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'Tis the season to be grumpy- bah humbug.

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My workshop is so full of presents I can't make the Stbd Wing Panel for my DC3...I was hoping to have it roughly together by now...hmmpphh!

Merry Christmas!

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airfield shut for a couple of days, instructor away on holiday, no flying. humbug

Merry Christmas

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dodrums, it sounds like you're going to suffer withdrawal symptoms over the next few days mate. Hope you can get back in the air soon.

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Merry Christmas everyone, lets hope for lots of safe aviating in 2006.


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Tally Ho....................... Anna ;) :D :D

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Merry Christmas all, be safe, it's a dangerous place out there, happy aviating


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I missed this, so let me be the first to wish everybody a Happy New Year :)