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Good morning,
I last flew back in 1998 and i'm now seriously thinking about flying again, (PA28-140 cherokee) Could anyone that's renewed their licence in the past or current holders tell me whats involved to get me current again. The medical i'm aware of.

My first post chaps,

Many thanks,

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Edited to say Read below, Blue knows what he's talking about :D

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Dean, the CAA weren't even publishing such information on the internet back in 1998. So for someone who has been away for a while, its a case of first principles.

LASORS is a guide to all the licence rules and regs the CAA administers, laid down in one guide. The 11.5MB file can be downloaded here:


You need to read section F1.5 (about page 235 on the 2006 edition)

You should keep your CAA licence in my view and not convert it over the European standard JAA version, now the standard type being issued (until rebranded some time next year to EASA). The latter JAA type has an entry on it saying the licence itself expires every five years. Your CAA licence I believe does not have this.

So the only thing that would have expired is your SEP (Land) rating. You need to renew this and you have gone beyond the five year class rating period. If I am reading the guide correctly, this section is relevant to you.

Where licence holders have been unable to renew a
SEP (Land) or TMG Class Rating for a period
exceeding 5 years from the date of expiry*, they will be
required to complete the following requirements:

i) Complete the Skill Test in accordance with
Appendices 1 & 3 to JAR-FCL 1.240 with a JAR
Authorised Examiner.

ii) Pass an oral theoretical knowledge examination
conducted by the Examiner as part of the Skill

iii) The LST/LPC form, completed as a renewal,
should be sent to CAA PLD for endorsement,
together with the appropriate fee as per the
Scheme of Charges

iv) The Examiner should make no licence entry.

Get down to your flying school and have them recommend you a programme based on the above requirements.

Don't forget you will need a medical, now all under JAA regs. As to whether you can renew your old CAA medical (which class was it, 2?) or you need an initial exam, I don't know. Either way you will see the same doctor for a class 2. Click this handy find an AME link to find your local MO.

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Nice work Blue

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Depending on where you are you could do much worse than calling Irv Lee at Popham. He does a lot of this.

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Kestral, I am in the same boat (last flew in '89) I have discussed it with the CFI at Conington, and the only thing we have agreed in addition to the above is that I should re-take my Air-Law exam, as that will be the area of greatest change. (didn't have procedures for post 9/11 fighter escort when I last took it)
Email the CAA about your medical, I did and got a helpful reply the next day (go the CAA website, search on medical and then click on contact us) As it is 21 years since my last medical I have to have the full Class 2.

I was due to start my assault on re-gaining my currency earlier this year, but idiotically I resigned from my job to start my own business, so am a little busy :eek: but aim to take my medical over the next couple of months, and to do an initial check ride to determine what my training programme is going to look like very soon.

It was joining this forum last year that helped me decide to step back up from Radio Control to 1:1 scale, although my wife is still more in favour of a boat.... :confused:

Good Luck!

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Blue Robin: Thanks very much for the info!

Wesex Boy: Know how you feel!

Thanks again Blue Robin!