Yak 52 fatalities- a terrible month.

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My Late Grandad always said "Things only become dangerous when you become over familiar with them",

Yes my late grandfather said similar things. He having torn the undercarriage off a Tiger Moth (HM King paying) and turned over a Beech Sundowner (Insurance paying) I guess shows that to be a pretty accurate sentiment.

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When we do 'beat ups' at my gliding club, we are current in flying practice and make sure there are no other gliders in circuit, we also make a 'blind call' to let other know of our intentions, and if we feel it is not safe we wont do it!

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When you do these "beat ups" at your gliding clubs i presume that you have the required exemption from the 500ft rule in place at all times :rolleyes:
It seems that we seem to be getting a little confused here! A pilot who is performing at a public display must hold a Display Authorisation, and that Authorisation will allow him to do the display he is carrying out. If that Display includes aerobatics then he will have been authorised to do do by a display examiner. this means that he will have displayed to that examiner he is compitent to do the said aerobatics and will not be allowed to display at low level untill he has done so. There fore we are legislated for low level aerobatics at displays allready ( the military have there own system!!)
Low level aerobatics by GA pilots who have not been trained and not at public events is kinda hard to police and i fear that in the majority of accidents due to low level aero,s this is the case. Education is the best way to try and prevent these accidents but you willnever stop the guy who in the heat of the moment decides to have a go!!! It may look easy when you see it at a Display, it Aint!!!! If you have not been proberly shown and have the required qaulification "Dont Do IT!!"