Today's Pilot Fly-In - An Invite

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Hello all,

It’s nearly time for the 2006 Today’s Pilot Fly-In at Nottingham Tollerton and I wanted to extend an invite to you all.

The event takes place on Bank Holiday Sunday August 27 and all are welcome.

Thank you to all of you who have already called or e-mailed to say you are planning to attend the event. If the weather co-operates it looks like the 2006 fly-in will be our biggest yet.

Once again the Red Bull Energy Crew will also be on site all day distributing FREE Red Bull to visiting pilots. We are very grateful to Red Bull who have also provided copious amounts of their energy drink to help sustain the many volunteers without whom the event could not run!

The two main themes this year are 60 Years of the DHC-1 Chipmunk and 40 Years of the Bell JetRanger - but obviously everyone is welcome whatever they fly, be it a single, twin, microlight, helicopter, autogyro or jet!

We have now booked Jurassic to play live at the ‘Pre-Fly-In’ party on the night of Saturday 26th. Tickets to the party are just £10 - to include live music and food from the hog roast - with any profits going to the charity fund. After a ‘small scale’ debut in 2004 and a bigger event in 2005 this party really seems to taken off this year with lots of people telling us that they plan to arrive on Saturday afternoon. We’ve also heard from a number of flying schools and clubs who plan to shut up shop so they can be on site for the entire weekend!

There’s no need to pre-pay for tickets but if you can give us an idea of how many people you plan to bring it would help us plan the catering. However, if you make a last minute decision we certainly won’t turn you away.

Don’t forget that there’s free overnight camping available and if last year is anything to go by it should be a memorable evening!

Regretfully the airfield has asked us to restrict slow moving traffic to arriving pre-10.30am, however, as recompense for this we have arranged free landing fees for all microlights arriving on Saturday in readiness for the fly-in. There is no restriction on departure times on Sunday.

Proceeds from this year’s fly-in will be split equally between Cancer Research UK and Flying Scholarships for the Disabled. All aircraft landing at this year’s event will be charged a £5 landing fee, all of which will be put into the charity ‘pot.’

Anyone planning to fly in to Tollerton that weekend will need to read the fly-in briefing article that was published in the September issue of Today’s Pilot. I’ve also included it below in case any of you missed it in the magazine!

You will also need to call the airfield (on 0115 9815050) for an on the day briefing and to obtain PPR.

I hope we’ll see some of you over the weekend. If anyone has any queries or suggestions please feel free to e-mail me at [email][/email] or call me on 01780 755131.

All the best


Steve Bridgewater
Deputy Editor & Fly-In Co-ordinator
Today’s Pilot Magazine

Today’s Pilot Fly-In 2006 – The Essential Guide to Arriving by Air

There has already been a great deal of interest in the 2006 Today’s Pilot Fly-In, to be held at Nottingham Tollerton Airport on Bank Holiday Sunday August 27. Given the ‘right’ weather conditions, it seems that several hundred aircraft could be descending on the airfield during the day. This means the airspace around the airfield is going to be very busy at times, and so we’ve decided to present issue as a briefing document, both in the magazine and on the Today’s Pilot website at
Prior permission (PPR) by telephone (0115 9811327/0115 9815050) is still required, but when you call you will be asked whether you have read this document.

Finding the airfield
Tollerton (EGBN) is situated 3nm south east of Nottingham city centre and is actually on the northern edge of the Nottingham East Midlands CTA just outside the class D airspace.
The airfield is relatively easy to find from the air and the nearby National Water Sports Centre at Holme Pierrepont is conspicuous with its large lakes and rapids. For pilots arriving from the east though extra care is needed to avoid the parachute airfield at Langar and the gliding airfield at Syerston.
Tollerton also benefits from its own NDB (‘NOT’ 430.0) which is located on the airfield itself, making navigating to it even simpler.

NEMA Airspace
The Nottingham East Midlands Airport (NEMA) 1,500ft zone starts at Keyworth, which is also the edge of the Tollerton ATZ. Furthermore, NEMA airspace extends overhead Tollerton at a base height of 2,500ft on the NEMA QNH so you should be no higher than that when in the overhead.
During the fly-in Tollerton’s Air/Ground Radio will be manned full time by NEMA controller Neil Harris. Neil points out that a potential ‘gotcha’ is the fact that the Barnsley Regional QNH is typically 8-9mb higher than that at NEMA so pilots arriving using the regional setting will actually be around 200-300ft lower than they think.
“Summer weekends can be busy at NEMA,” says Neil. “But my colleagues at the airport will be happy to issue zone transits on the usual policy of giving access to class D airspace wherever possible. If they can, they will, so please ask.
“If you have a transponder please turn it on – even if you’re just squawking 7000 it helps us see you and keep other aircraft clear of you. If you have Mode C, even better!”
Last year the controllers at NEMA provided an excellent (and much appreciated) service to pilots visiting our Fly-In and this year they have pledged their support once again. “Infringing airspace is against the law,” says Neil, “but getting lost isn’t!
“The controllers at NEMA would rather you called them early if you are uncertain of your position. They can find you very quickly, whether you have a transponder or not, and can steer you clear of their airspace. If necessary they can steer you directly into the overhead at Tollerton – but they would rather you spoke to them than got lost and flew through their airspace.”

Into the circuit
On initial contact with Nottingham Radio (134.875) all you will receive is the runway in use and the QFE (and QNH if you need it). Please keep all calls to a minimum, and we are sorry but non-radio aircraft can not be accepted.
Once you have located the airfield you should make a standard overhead join at 2,000ft on the airfield QFE before descending to the circuit height of 800ft. All circuits are to the left but be sure to keep a good lookout for traffic, particularly when downwind and turning base.
“Please do not ask for non-standard joins, such as straight in approaches or base leg joins,” pleads Neil. “The volume of traffic will mean that only standard overhead joins will be accepted except in extreme circumstances.”
In common with the majority of airfields today, Nottingham Tollerton asks pilots to be noise conscious and to try to avoid flying over local villages if safely possible. There are four areas of population within the circuit pattern that pilots are asked to avoid – Tollerton, West Bridgford, Cotgrave and Gamston – even if this means extending their downwind leg. Consideration is also asked when using high power settings or noisy propeller configurations.
Once in the circuit all pilots should keep a good lookout for all traffic and be aware that many different speeds will be in use depending on aircraft type.
Helicopter pilots are advised to call Nottingham Radio early and, subject to traffic, will be advised to approach the airfield directly beneath the circuit height. Once at the airfield boundary wait for a gap before crossing the active runway and follow the marshaller’s guidance.
Once you are on the ground fixed wing traffic will also be under the guidance of the marshalling team who will guide you to your parking slot, after which you are free to enjoy your day (and hopefully some sunshine!).

On the Ground
This year’s themes are ‘60 Years of the DHC-1 Chipmunk’ and ‘40 Years of the Bell 206 JetRanger’ but please don’t forget this is an all-comers event and everyone is welcome.
Proceeds from this year’s fly-in will be split equally between Cancer Research UK and Flying Scholarships for the Disabled. Needless to say, ‘Team TP’ will be on site to meet readers, and as ever we value any feedback you may want to give us about the magazine and its content.

There is no mobile fuel bowser, so if your aircraft requires ‘sustenance’ please tell the marshaller before you start for departure and he/she will send you towards the fuel farm. Please keep a listening watch on the radio but as Neil and his team will only be offering an air/ground service there is no point calling them on the ground, however, please ensure that you keep clear of the active runway.
Once you are at the hold and ready for departure you still need to remember that Tollerton Radio is only an air/ground service, so Neil and co can’t give you instructions. You will not be ‘cleared’ for departure – it is up to you to see the slot in the traffic and go.
Climbing out you again need to be aware of the NEMA airspace around Tollerton – especially if you are heading south. To the south of the airfield the controlled airspace is above you so you should call NEMA early and remain at 1,400ft until it clears you to climb.

Slow Moving Traffic
Due to the potentially high level of movements, the airport has regretfully had to place a restriction on the times slow-moving traffic can be accepted. This will mainly affect flexwing microlights, which will only be permitted to land prior to 10.30 local on the day of the fly-in. By way of making amends for this (and because we know the microlight community enjoys a good party!), we have negotiated FREE landing fees for all microlights arriving on Saturday afternoon/evening for the ‘Pre-Fly-In Party’. All visitors to the party are also welcome to camp on the airfield at no cost.

Whether you join us for the entire weekend or just Sunday’s Fly-In we look forward to meeting you at Tollerton. The event, which is entirely run by volunteers as a non-commercial enterprise, is growing in stature each year and with your help we can continue to improve on it. The better it gets, the more money we can raise for some extremely worthy causes. Thank you for your support.

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This is usually a great weekend, getting better each year; thoroughly recommended.

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I'd hoped to make it to this, indeed I've been carrying the flyer around since the meet-up at Leicester in the spring, but a request for the Colt to attend a SWPC meet near Paris, including a landing at La Ferte Alais cropped up.

What would you do?

Tollerton.. La Fetre Alais?

La Ferte Alais .. Tollerton?


Ah well, get the French maps out :)


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Thanks for the invite Steve, unfortunately I have to babysit, the wife is going out all day, I'd love to bring the kids but their a tad small, at least the weather is looking ok.
Have a great time


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Steve - Children in Need wins I am afraid so displaying at Gransden. Maybe next year,