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Was that mentioned here?
Nice achievement. Not sure if usefull, but sure nice.

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I am not sure why they used standard cells, the leaps in power/weight ratio and current push of the Li-Ion cells is revolutionising model electric flight (my helicopter weighes nothing and can fly for over 10 mins)

The Rise-off-Ground (ROG) issues they experienced exactly mirrors what I went through to get my first electric models flying more than an extended glide, and is also down to motor/prop choice (what is efficient in the air, is not necessarily the best for take off performance).

Once they get the battery technology sorted, and as motor efficiency improves, then this could be a useful technology for powered gliders, paragliders & microlights? the ability to fly with just the whisper of the prop, rather than the dulcet tones of a Rotax a few inches behind your ears? :D