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Less than one month after creation, our forum has already more than 700 members from the most different horizons.
The new forum, who's sections are open in read-only mode to visitors, attracts student pilots, private and professionnal pilots, owners and other
plane lovers.

Improve your French skills in the English/French spoken sections,
with our calendar, announce your association's anniversary, your next "Café-Croissants meeting or social events" or Fly-in,
put your classified advertisements for free or keep an eye open on the aviation regulations.

Just make sure to subscribe for freee at the following address

Clubs, companies or regular members may access to the "Partners and other good stuff" section where your activities can be presented to our community.

The Forum Air & Aviation is not a commercial organization. All administrators are voluntary and strictly unpaid.


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Hi all,

Just to inform the UK/Ireland pilots that a new section has been created on
which allows you to ask for advice about airfields and stopovers in France, and to give advice about UK/Ireland airfields.

Stopovers and Airfields: Pilot's hints and tips.

Your'e flying and travelling by plane, ultra-light, helicopter or other balloons, etc.
Drop your hints, tips and other trics right in this new section Escales.

You need an advice for your destination.
Your'e willing to share your good and bad experiences with other pilots. Avoid this airfield, prefer that aerodrome rather than the other one because its services and facilities or ease,
the low landing-fees, a managing car rental station, good or bad B&B, hotel or restaurant, the obliging and available repairshop, the local interesting and unusual things to see, etc.
In this pages pilots will give their piece of advice, share their experiences, just to help the others to make their trip successfull instead of a disaster.

Fully free, strictly non commercial, administrated by volunteers, join us if you want to invite French pilots to visit UK/Ireland or if you wish to fly to France.