Double Deadly Day in the US

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First, a Beechcraft King Air C90A went down at about 1130 hrs, Friday, 1 February 2008, near the airport at Mount Airy, North Carolina, its destination. The flight had originated in Cedartown, Georgia. According to witnesses, the plane had aborted one landing attempt and was circling back for another when it went down. All six occupants perished. The only good news is that it crashed in a grassy area between two homes and there were no casaulties on the ground. No word on the cause, but news accounts mention fog in the area. Second, at about 1745 hrs the same day, a Cessna Citation C525 crashed near the Augusta State Airport, West Gardiner, Maine, shortly after takeoff. The intended destination was Lincoln, Nebraska. The pilot had declared an emergency shortly after takeoff and was returning to the field when radio contact was lost and the jet disappeared from radar. Both occupants died, but there are no reports of ground casaulties. News accounts state that the pilot had reported instrument trouble. They also mention freezing rain, snow, etc., in the area.
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Flying A, I can speak on the second crash in Maine. There where no injury's or deaths on the ground the plane went into a very wooded area in Gardiner. have hunted the area in the past I can tell you that the rescue folks had a very hard time getting to the crash site. My Cousin is on the Volunteer Fire Dept, in West Gardiner. By what he told me there really isn't much left of the aircraft it hit hard and burnt. A very sad day indeed.