Light aircraft crash in Rutland, Leicestershire - one dead

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A sad thing to read when checking up on the news back home
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Had been keeping tabs on the Icelandic situation and hoping for a good outcome, but this was not to be. The Icelandic authorities used two Super Pumas, a Challenger, a Cessna 172 and a F.27 as well as trawlers in their search for the missing pilot. The aircraft was N5030Q on delivery to its new owner:(
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Hmm sad to hear they couldnt come up with the cause.

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If the pilot was VFR qualified, and found himself in dense, low-level fog, I think you are some way down the road of working out the likely cause of the poor fellow's demise. It might have been terrorism, or low level aerobatics, or and attack of hiccups, but somehow the fog factor won't go away.