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It has been a while since i last posted on this forum. I hope everyone is well and smiling. I have not flown for while but have been engrossing myself in all things aviation related. Recently, i met up with Polly Vacher - Her first Wings Around the World Challenge in aid of the charity Flying Scholarships for the Disabled was in January-May 2001 when she made a solo eastbound circumnavigation of the world in her single-engine Piper PA-28 Cherokee Dakota G-FRGN, the smallest aircraft flown solo by a woman around the world via Australia, including a 16-hour segment from Hawaii to California we recently had the pleasure of interviewing Polly Vacher for a new Freedom Video Magazine series which is about learning to fly. some of you may find ther interview very interesting. The incredible story of Polly Vacher. In this interview she shares some of her amazing life stories with Gautam Lewis - who also wishes to promote flying for people with a range of disabilities. In this chapter Polly speaks about her early career as a Music Teacher, doing her pilot training; of how she developed a passion for long distance flying…Please visit Polly’s website World Wings - you can purchase her book via her site before they all get sold!! http://freedom-in-the-air.com/2008/04/03/freedom-video-magazine-meet-polly-vacher-part-1-2/ In this episode Polly speaks about how she first started to get involved with The Flying Scholarships for the disabled and her work for meaningful organizations. Each year scholarships are given to people with disabilities to learn to fly’ or better still ‘If you have a disability and would like to learn to fly - go to toreachforthesky.org.uk and apply’ http://freedom-in-the-air.com/2008/04/03/freedom-video-magazine-meet-polly-vacher-part-2/ In this episode, gautam explores how Polly achieved her record breaking challenges and what it feels like to be a solo pilot flying across the world. What it means to be an aviator and what aviation can do to rebuild ones confidence http://freedom-in-the-air.com/2008/04/03/freedom-video-magazine-meet-polly-vacher-part-1/ the final chapter of this epic interview with a truly inspiring aviator and pioneer for aviation, Polly Vacher looks to the future, how Polly feels about what she has achieved and finally her top tip for pilots….Blue Skies Polly http://freedom-in-the-air.com/2008/04/03/freedom-video-magazine-meet-polly-vacher-episode-4/ Polly's own website is http://www.worldwings.org/ and flying scholarship for the disabled website http://www.toreachforthesky.org.uk/
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