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MUST HAVES & LATEST NEWS FROM KEY PUBLISHING ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today's Pilot June issue on sale 2nd May 2008 FREE UK VFR Flight Guide when you subscribe for 2 years. In this issue: Flight Test - Amazing Aircam Dave Unwin flies a unique aircraft, the Lockwood AirCam. WIN Goodwood Vintage Fly-In tickets Luscombe Silvaire Being cheap to run and easy to fly makes the Luscombe 8A Silvaire an ideal group aeroplane. Simon Hazeldine looks at a beautifully restored example of this classic American aircraft. WIN a day with the Fighter Collection FREE landings - Beverley, Kilkenny, North Coates and Sibson Flight Test - Corvus Phantom Jochen Ewald reports from Germany on an exciting new Hungarian aircraft. Douglas DC-6 Julian Firth, Chief Pilot of Air Atlantique's DC-6 fleet, describes flying this classic propliner. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your invitation to Farnborough International Airshow’s 60th celebrations Held from 14th – 20th July 2008, the 46th biennial Farnborough International Airshow is one of the world's largest aerospace airshows and exhibitions. This year, the airshow celebrates two landmarks in aviation history, the 100th year of powered flight in Britain together with its own 60th anniversary. The flying displays* scheduled are being finalised and will be available nearer the time of the event but displays booked† so far include: The Red Arrows, The Aerostars, The Blades, The Avro Vulcan, Supermarine Seafire, Hawker Sea Fury, Fairey, Swordfish, Hawker Sea Hawk, GAP Kestrel JP100 and an assortment of classic aircraft types that first flew in the 1948 Airshow. To buy your ticket now click here *Subject to change ------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW The Trent 900 Engine Rolls-Royce: Powering the Whispering Giant - The Trent 900 Engine The Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines power the world’s largest airliner, the Airbus A380. In February 2001, Rolls-Royce announced the launch of one of the most ambitious engineering programmes in the company’s Civil Aerospace history – to develop the Trent 900 engine to power the Airbus A380, a new and exciting aircraft which would become the largest civil airliner ever built. The Trent 900 is the 4th member of the Trent family, and holds pride of place as the largest jet engine ever produced by Rolls-Royce. ‘Powering the Whispering Giant’ plots the Trent 900 journey in photographs from concept to design, development, testing, first flight on the A340 flying test bed, flight test on the A380, Route Proving, Service Readiness and Entry into Service in October 2007. This colourful publication combines the best images from throughout the programme, with descriptions of each major step along the way, to offer the reader a unique insight into one of the most public and most exciting new jet engine programmes ever undertaken. Buy your copy now ------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW WWW.CO-PILOT.AERO Today's Pilot has launched CO-PILOT - A website where pilots can volunteer to be mentors, and pilots or students who need a mentor can contact them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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