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the last time i flew was at the start of may when the british weather was great. I had planned to fly to the Isle of Wight today and take my very first flying instructor out for lunch. It is cloudy and forecast to rain in the south of england.

a few weeks ago, we organised an event called smiling wings day at the
scottish aero club in perth, scotland.. The event was supported by EADS and the Scottish Aero Club, who also kindly offered the use of their clubhouse. The guests were children from Reach and The Murray Foundation who were invited with an adult to enjoy a day at Perth Aerodrome. The weather was bright and sunny but with a fresh easterly wind. The ‘Introduction to Aviation’ day began with a slide show and a short talk on flying presented by the chairperson of the Club. By the end of the afternoon all the children and parents were able to experience a 30-minute flight and to enjoy the views in the clear visibility.

Rotary UK and Ireland invited me to be a keynote speaker at their annual conference in Blackpool, April 2008 , to talk about polio eradication, the wonders of aviation and the world of rock n roll. Felt great to have had the opportunity to speak about something close to his heart…sky’s the limit - My speech was entitled FREEDOM IN THE AIR!

Part 1 of the speech can be viewed here....

Part 2 of the speech can be viewed here...

A member of the band Razorlight wrote the theme tune for Freedom in the Air, think Airwolf, The A-team, Knightrider and Ghandi - then marvel!! the came out nicely and by accident. take a listen.....Freedom in the Air theme tune....

lastly, i saw for the first time, the Airbus A380 take off from heathrow - was very startled by the size of it compared to a 747 which was taking off afterwards....

enjoy your flying

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