Deer downs Ercoupe

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The other day at Sandpoint, Idaho, a couple were taking off in their Ercoupe when a large deer raced from the woods into the runway.
The planes wing decapitated the buck, the impact sent into a fence...
Police sent to the scene said they found the antlers 50 feet away from the wreck and the animals head another 50 feet past that. :eek:

Both the pilot and the passenger walked away from the accident. The FAA reports the plane as destroyed.

In reading FAA daily accident reports, these occurrences happen more frequently than you might think.
It's a good thing it wasn't a moose or elk...

Photo from KREM TV...

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Looking at the state of the aircraft I'd say they were still lucky to get away with their lives. Mother nature produces some solid creatures as I know from experience. I once hit a Badger which is not the largest of our nocturnal wildlife. Still managed to split the front valance panel on my car though.