Takeoff Crash in Florida

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No word as to the cause:
Single-Engine Plane Crashes During Takeoff in Florida, Critically Wounding 1 Saturday , November 15, 2008 Associated Press (via Fox News) NAPLES, Fla. — One person is in critical condition and three others are recovering from injuries after a small, single-engine airplane crashed during takeoff in a private airpark in southwest Florida. The four-seat Grumman Tiger airplane took off around 6 p.m. Friday [14 November 2008] in the Wing South Airport in East Naples. East Naples fire Capt. Domingo Chinea said "it appears the plane crashed on takeoff." Officials say two people escaped with minor injuries, one had serious injuries and one was in critical condition. The man in serious condition was loaded onto an ambulance with a cast on his arm and blood on his face. The victims were transported to hospitals, and the man in critical condition was then airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers. Their names have not been released.
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