Jet Pack Flight Over Royal Gorge, Colorado

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The real Rocketeer:
Man Flies Jet Pack Across Colorado Gorge Monday, November 24, 2008 Associated Press (via Fox News) DENVER — A man used a hydrogen-peroxide powered jet pack to travel 1,500 feet across the Royal Gorge near Canon City on Monday. Daredevil Eric Scott said it was incomparable to anything he'd done in the past, saying he'd never gone that far or had such a huge gap below. The Royal Gorge, cut by the Arkansas River in southern Colorado, is more than 1,100 feet deep. Scott works for Denver-based Jet P.I., which developed the futuristic-looking jet pack for stunts, promotions and other events around the world for Go Fast Sports & Beverage. Both companies were founded by former professional skydiver Troy Widgery. The jet pack can fly for about 33 seconds at speeds of more than 70 mph.
There are several videos available on YouTube -- plug "jet pack royal gorge" into the search engine. Many a step closer to the parajet that Professor Robinson and Major West zipped around in the TV series Lost in Space.
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