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Latest Issues: TODAY’S PILOT JANUARY ISSUE – AVAILABLE NOW Featuring: Aviakom M-12 – World Exclusive How many aircraft can you think of that have two engines and three seats? Would it have too many engines or too few seats? Dave Unwin finds out when he tests the unusual M-12. The Electric Twister Is battery power ready for prime time? Michael Friend examines the data. Pilot Portrait – Quentin ‘Q’ Smith Helen Krasner talks to well-known helicopter pilot Quentin Smith known throughout the aviation world as ‘Q’. Old Friend in New Clothes? We look at the new Air Traffic Services that will be introduced next year and explains how the changes will affect you – the pilot. Wilbur Wright In 1908 Wilbur Wright brought a Wright Flyer to Europe. Phillip Whiteman looks back at this pivotal event in aviation. Ask the Experts Taxed by turbochargers, flummoxed by engine failures or anxious about night adaptation? Our team of experts can help! Tempelhof Airport A two-article special to mark the closure of what was perhaps the world’s most historic airport. PLUS! All your favourite Today’s Pilot regulars including latest news, crossword, reviews, diary dates, flight safety, letters and much, much more! WIN! A Nanocomm headset worth £199.99! FREE! Six free landings including Bagby, Netherthorpe, Bodmin, Eaglescott, Newtownards and Gloucestershire Today’s Pilot January issue is available from NOWat WHSmith, Borders and all leading newsagents. Alternatively, order your copy from NEW! AirUtopia DVD's EXCLUSIVELY available from Key Publishing in the UK! AirUtopia's aviation DVD's are widely regarded as some of the best in the world. Featuring the famous Kai Tak Airport, Airbus A380, Concorde and many more! The superb AirUtopia collection is now available from [URL=""]Key's Aviation Shop.[/URL] Including: Airbus A380 – Second Year 'Global Route Testing' (DVD301) This AirUtopia Special includes A380 test footage from Beijing to Johannesburg, Hong Kong to Vancouver and Toulouse plus much more! With exclusive on ramp footage and a VIP interior tour of MSN 004 this special DVD is the perfect tribute to the historic A380 program! Duration: 110 Minutes Price: Just £14.49! + FREE P&P* [SIZE="3"][B]Click here to order your copy online[/B][/SIZE] Concordes at Kai Tak (DVD284) This AirUtopia DVD includes rare visits to the amazing Kai Tak airport by Concorde from both Air France and British Airways. Filmed in 1994 and 1995, a lot of rare airliners are also included. With over 75 minutes of live action, if you love the history of Kai Tak, you'll love this production! Price: Just £12.49! + FREE P&P* [SIZE="3"]Click here to order your copy online[/SIZE] For more from our fantastic AirUtopia collection, visit our online store today! Hurricane Salute Produced by the world renowned FlyPast editorial team, this special issue magazine pays tribute to a wartime warhorse which shot down more enemy aircraft than any other defence during the Battle of Britain and destroyed more enemy aircraft than any other allied fighter during World War Two. Key Publishing's latest 100-page special issue provides a long overdue insight into the Hurricane Featuring: - 'First' and 'Last' Hurricanes - The Battle of Britain - Fighter Command's only VC - The Battle of France - Aces - Squadrons - Variants - Worldwide Survivors - Rebuilding and covering - Flying the Hurricane, plus much more! Code: [FPHURR] Just £4.99 plus FREE P&P* Order your copy from our online shop now![/B] RAF Annual Official Review 2009 The Aircraft - The Weapons Systems - The Operations - The Personnel Produced by Key Publishing's award-winning team of expert military aviation journalists, working closely with RAF personnel in the UK and overseas, the RAF Official Annual Review 2009 provides a complete portrait of the aircraft, the missions and the people who comprise Britain's 21st Century air defence operations. Set over 132-high quality pages, this special publication includes: - Exclusive access to the Typhoon, Tornado and Harrier - Operations including Telic, Iraq and Herrick, Afghanistan - Behind-the-scenes look at the RAF's renowned flying training system - The support network who keep aircraft in the air - including the RAF Regiment - Search and rescue, air defence and fighter control from across the UK - All current weaponry systems plus the possible future role of space technology - Red Arrows, Battle of Britain memorial flight, Falcons and much, much more! Code: (RAFYRBK) Just £4.99 plus FREE P&P* Order your copy from our online shop Airports 2009 CD-ROM Written by Alan Lord, The Airports CD-ROM has been substantially updated for 2009. The information is presented in an eye-catching 'web browser' style and includes the option to search any airport by name, IATA or ICAO code or parent city - making Airports 2009 a must-have for any civil aviation enthusiast! Featuring: - Over 1,000 airports - New maps and photographs - Spotters locations - Detailed airport database from every continent Code: (CD5) Price: Just £9.99 plus FREE P&P* Order your copy from our online shop now for release December 2008! SELLING FAST! RAF Official Calendar 2009 [M106] The Official Royal Air Force 2009 Calendar features 12 superb images of iconic aircraft from across the history of the RAF, from the historic Lancaster Bomber to the futuristic Eurofighter Typhoon. Also featured is a centre-page tribute to English aviation pioneer Sir Thomas Sopwith. The artwork, from the Royal Air Force collection, is set over 12 high-quality, glossy pages making this calendar the perfect accompaniment to the year ahead! Price: Just £9.99 + P&P Click here to order your copy from Key's aviation shop The Magic of Flight [DVD277] The Magic of Flight takes you on a technological thrill ride faster, higher and wilder than modern science or even your imagination! Relive the historical first flight of the Wright Brothers in 1903, then soar with the world-famous Blue Angels as they defy the laws of gravity with their most breathtaking manoeuvres. Narrated by Tom Selleck, The Magic of Flight highlights and salutes a variety of modern aircraft, the people who fly them and the human potential of training and performance Price: Just £19.99 + P&P* Click here to order your copy from Key’s Aviation shop Wild Blue Yonder [B293] ‘Two nations divided by a common language’: this was never more true than in 1942 when the first American airmen arrived in the UK. Young Americans were puzzled, amazed and often exasperated by the mysteries of British speech, food, manners and plumbing. Martin Bowman has interviewed hundreds of veterans, from decorated pilots to British civilians who, as children, were entertained on US bases and have never forgotten the forging of an enduring alliance. Set over 224 high quality pages, with hundreds of full-colour and black and white original images, Wild Blue Yonder pays homage to the friendships formed in battle and their ability to stand the test of time long after the last shot is fired. RRP: £19.99 Key Price: £9.99 + FREE P&P* Click here to order your copy from Key’s Aviation Shop Ultimate Flight Tests 20 Great Aircraft from the Cockpit Special Collectors' Edition Brought to you by the Today's Pilot editorial team, this special 'From the Cockpit' Collectors' Edition features 20 exclusive flight tests. With expert opinion, stunning photography and inspirational commentary plus a foreword by Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown CBE DSC AFC RN Ultimate Flight Test is a must-buy for all aviation enthusiasts. Flight tests include: - ACA Super Decathlon - Aero L39 Albatros - Skyleader - Cessna Mustang - Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo - Diamond DA-42 TwinStar - North American T-6 - Supermarine Spitfire TR9 - Piper PA-18 Super Cub - Eurocopter EC135 - Focke-Wulf FW-44 Stieglitz Just £6.99+ Free P&P* Only available online from Key’s Aviation Shop. Click here to order your copy now! Bargain Books World Directory of Leisure Aviation 2008/2009 English Edition [B291] The World Directory of Leisure Aviation (2008/2009 Edition) is probably the World's most extensive directory of international aircraft, all essentially aimed at flying for pleasure. Over 1500 entries, including: - Aircraft - Paragliders - Ultralights - Microlights - Paramotors - Hang Gliders - Gyrocopters - Paraplanes - Helicopters - Light Sailplanes - Engines - Accessories - Importers ..and much more! Just £6.95! + FREE P&P* Click here to order your copy from Key’s Aviation Shop FINAL REDUCTIONS Greatest Airplanes - Cessna 310 [SIM34] If you're ready for comfort and speed, then you're ready for the 310. This trend-setting aircraft has been faithfully recreated with turbocharged 325hp engines! The moment you slip into the left seat, you will be greeted by a visual and audio environment that can only be exceeded by flying the real thing. Add to this accurate instrumentation, advanced avionics and realistic sounds and you are as close to owning the real N137CM as one can get. Now just £9.99 + FREE P&P* Click here to order your copy from Key’s Aviation Shop Greatest Airplanes - Archer (SIMARCHER) One of the most popular general aviation aircraft in the world, the Piper Archer II is idealy suited for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Features: Four different aircraft configurations: Each showing a different pilot / passenger configuration. You will have a choice of pilot-only, pilot and front seat passenger. Pilot, front seat passenger and one rear seat passenger, or pilot and front seat passenger, plus two rear seat passengers. Weights for all, plus baggage can be set using "Config-O-matic". Virtual Cockpit & Cabin: Nicely detailed and with working gauges, and moving throttles, control wheels, etc. You can fly from the virtual cockpit, or from our complete 2D cockpit and interior (see below). Complete Moving Parts: Ailerons, rudder, stabilator, rudder, and flaps all move. Gear struts compress upon landing, and both cabin door and baggage door open and close. Price: £6.99 + FREE P&P* Click here to order your copy from Key’s Aviation Shop *UK orders only
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