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I am trying to locate information on Leslie Hilditch, research shows him as being the contact for the Northamptonshire Areo Club back in the sixties. I have tried their website but it looks like its not been updated in the last 6 years. Do they still exist?.. are they still based at Swyell?... the contact us link passes you to Sibson!
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Jenna, I'll try a contact, whose wife's dad was CFI if I recall correctly. Will let you know. cheers Alan
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Jenna. PM or e-mail me and I'll get you in touch with a suitable contact. The Northamptonshire Aero Club continues in a very small way at Sywell, made up of private owners who base aeroplanes there. The Northamptonshire School of Flying was the resident flying club until it moved to Sibson about three years ago. The main flying club on site at Sywell is now the Brooklands Flying School, operated by the airfield owners.