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I'm sure the name of Stan Ward is known to quite a few people here - for those that haven't already heard, Stan sadly passed away in Ipswich Hospital after a short illness on Saturday 9th May I have been informed that the funeral arrangements are: Monday 1st June, 11.45am at the Crematorium, West Chapel, Ipswich. No black ties or suits by request - and no flowers. Afterwards at the Belstead Brook Hotel. The following link is to an article which appeared in the local Evening Star newspaper - Martyn
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Sad news, RIP. He passed away on the 13th anniversary of my grandads death.. and 5yrs to the day I first flew solo..
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Sad news. I remember his displays as "Stanley Wardski" at the shows at Seething in the 70s.

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Stanley Wardski You are not alone Auster Fan ,as a junior member of the then Waveney Flying Group I was at all of the Seething Air Shows from 1972 until the last one in the early 80's. I remember Stan and his crazy flying routines amongst many other well known names and aircraft that are sadly no longer around. Luckily I still have the programmes from those days to jog my memory, R.I.P Stan Ward Steve
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I passed on this Sad news when I heard it last week to my Father, he replied:
Very sad news about Stan. I first met him in 1955 when we moved to Ipswich and then in 1964 onwards when I started my PPL training. He sent me off solo. However whe wasn't the CFI when I did my X country, exams, flying test etc as he had moved to another job and Wing Commander Pickford took over. Stan returned soon after and took over being CFI again until Channel Airways folded in 1971! He was the leader of the "Silver Sparrows", the Auster formation team!