Holiday Jet Flight in Florida ?

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I hope this is the correct place to ask this question ? If not could it be moved to the correct place ? One of my close friends and his family will soon be holidaying in Florida, he would like to surprise his wife with a trip, for her, in a jet aircraft ? Yes I know they will just have arrived in one ! But I think he is looking at something smaller, but is very open to suggestions ( from me ) So I would like to think you knowledgeable people could help me with a few pointers in the right direction ? Maybe not just links to commercial websites in the area , but thoughts on what type of aircraft are available in the area for this purpose and any experiences that you may have had ??? I did suggest the proposed shuttle launch on August 18th ! but he said he would not be that bold !!!!;) Keith.
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Hi, The Fantasy of Flight museum offers flights in a vintage bi-plane and there are a few other organisations in the Orlando area that might be of interest. For a P51 ride visit for details.