Oh, Ye Gods....

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Our local police station is only open 3 days a week - in the morning!:eek::(

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Muppet is not exactly the word I would have chosen for this moronic excuse for a human being.

It was the mildest and most forum-friendly word I could think of at the time.

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The lady reporting this heinous crime and the snowman do have something in common. Both her IQ and the snowman's temperature will not rise above zero.

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I blame it on too much in breeding. :o

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hasn't something like 911 or 111 been trialled in a few regions but scrapped due to again a lack of funding by the government.

111 is the NZ emergency number.

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What was it in the pre-digital days?

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111 has always been NZ's emergency number, because out rotary phone dials were always the opposite of what Britain had, with numbers and direction the other way. Not sure why that happened. So here, 1 was the furthest number to travel around the circumference of the dial.

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After reading all thats been stated regarding this issue, I must state that ALL OF YOU are guilty of forgetting one thing..........IT WAS AFTER ALL A WOMAN!!!

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I hope Mrs. Lincoln 7 doesn't see that :diablo:

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Exactly! Heaven forbid that there is any degree of sexism on this forum...;):diablo::diablo: