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Happy Birthday. :) Have a fun day.
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Happy birthday!

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Have a very Happy Birthday and look forward to good Christmas and a better 2011 than 2010!:):)
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Gosh thanks chaps. I've now reached the age where I'm opting out of more birthdays,it's gone beyond a joke now :D Started the day in the early hours giving advice via mobile to Daughter,whose boyfriend dumped her yesterday.Lord knows what she thinks I know about men,hasn't she seen her father ? Going with the theme of the worst year ever,Mr. Bee's main present turned out to be the streaming cold he's been nurturing ... I must say I'm somewhat niggled that John Lennon got shot on my birthday,particularly as he was my favourite Beatle,so here's a picture of the Imagine memorial to him in Central Park,New York,in 2007.The deliciously fuddled hippy chap is making the peace sign with sunflowers,at back right daughter and Mr. Bee are discussing whether Watching the Wheels is better than Instant Karma,and the woman on the far left isn't me,she's much too elegant. ( Sorry about the photo quality,I got one of those gadgets for converting old negatives for my birthday but I haven't got the hang of it yet). http://i462.photobucket.com/albums/qq343/Wonglepong/JL1.jpg

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....your sober enough to post on here, this late? Surely (Don't call me Shirley) you had a tipple for medicinal reasons re. the cold? Well, it's the day after now, so you are well into your 43rd year. Happy belated Bidet.
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happy birthday anne, hope its a good one for you x
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Sorry I have just seen this. Happy (belated) birthday.:) It was nice to meet you at Duxford this year, you bus spotter :D

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Sorry i missed it..happy belated birthday wishes
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Sorry I have just seen this. Happy (belated) birthday.:) It was nice to meet you at Duxford this year, you bus spotter :D
Seconded. Not been on here for a few days so I missed this too, apologies :o