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So, the Murder of an 8 month pregnant girl in Wales.

Her killer has rights until the verdict.....but should he/she/they be allowed to be a part of our society (And that includes in a Cell)?
Even the Pope or the Arch. of Cant. would tie the knot in the hanging Rope for this sort.

....Hang on, Pope, Nazi.... GODWIN!

I think this needless murder of a young mother to be and her unnborn child, one of the worse cases of murder I have ever heard of.I for one will be following this case to the letter. I am wondering if it was the father who did it to escape having to provide for mother and child?.
And if the Perp who did it gets what he deserves.
Sky High buddy, knowing your views on hanging, would not this case give you food for thought re hanging?.

Lincoln .7

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There is nothing to be gained from the circular repetition of entrenched views - on both sides of the argument.

We've arrived at the fingers in the ears while going "la la la la, I can't hear you" stage now, so it's time to put this one to bed.

And I hope someone's going to clear up all those straw men......