I could never live in Malawi...

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...'cos I'd fall foul of this law. It would put the wind up most of my mates as well, and even Mrs Regal on the odd occasion. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-12363852
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I can see this causing all sorts of problems. How do you identify the culprit of the quiet highly noxious fart or the sharp foghorn variant in a crowd of people? I suppose the Fart Division of the Malawi police force is being formed as we speak. I hope to goodness Brussels doesn't get wind of this.......:diablo:
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Ohh dear, how miserable of them! :D
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It's a funny story right up to the fourth paragraph of the article, at which point reality rudely intrudes.

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That whole continent is a mess. They could be the next China if they could actually be bothered to sort out real issues.