REVENGE anyone?

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Posts: 1,705 Very nicely done. Any one managed revenge?
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Oh, Sweet justice, don,t you just love it when a plan comes together?:D:D Lincoln . 7
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I'm not sure which is the more pathetic; the fact that he acquired a snow blower and covered the car in snow or the fact that he uploaded a video of his rather sad deed to the internet. Maybe he could have done something more useful and helpful with his snow blower.

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Well it certainly reveals a lot about him......:(
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all it would have took was a knock on the door he may well have helped. still funny though i love watching when folks lose it !!
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Revenge of the black top! Should've used a Rolba, would've taken her weeks to excavate the car. Funny clip lads, not a side splitter, but funny.
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I did once super glue a petrol cap on in my youth..... the "Victim" in question ended up calling her father out at 2 am to rescue her from a garage, and no, not the now Ex Mrs BSG-75. I used to work with a guy from Southend. His father lived close to the sea and his drive was forever blocked by visitors who wanted to park as close as possible to the sea, and he couldn't access his drive. He bought a trolley jack and ended up moving their cars out and into the middle of the road from where they were then towed. as for Mr Snowblow, maybe excessive, but it made me smile.