RBS told to shrink investment bank

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RBS told to shrink investment bank
The chancellor has called on Royal Bank of Scotland to shrink its investment banking business significantly as a way to “clear up mistakes of the past” and assuage public anger towards the banks

Do you think those RBS guys care a hoot:rolleyes: - no as they know that they now have until 2019 by which time they'll ask for an extension to continue to rip everyone off.
They will hide under two masks - the Scottish Independence one since they are primarily registered in Scotland and that of Investment Operations camouflaged as banking.
The article incorrectly refers to the investment operations as Investment Banking (nothing to do with banking - a game of roulette in reality)

In fact aren't they a government bank:rolleyes: so why can the government not simply buy in further and ring fence the operations and sell the two or more parts to who ever? There may be another 'Virgin' in the aisles.

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