Get out of EU e-petition

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It could be the most important thing you do this year.

Merry Christmas all !

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........could also be your biggest mistake of the year......

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Theres no logic in getting out of the EU as far as I can see. The world outside the EU is not any better than in it. So as I see it stay where you are and ride out the storm, rather than tackle the storm alone.

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consider it done dogtail........merry christmas :)

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The majority of the British people want out, it's been established in numerous opinion polls over the years, and it went through a commons petition recently where the government refused to give the people a vote! Doing more of the same useless polls and petitions isn't going to cause the government to do anything, though it's good for keeping the issue in people's minds. The only way the UK is going to get out of the EU is if the Conservative party find their candidates losing more of their seats because their vote is being split between UKIP and the Conservatives. If this happens then the Conservatives will end up losing every election to Labour and only then will they be forced to take action on the EU or face eternity in opposition. Petitions are a complete waste of time, the government do not care what you think except at elections.

So uhhh, which is it, Dave? :D