RIP Eric Sykes

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Sad news today :(
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Blue 2 Graham, they don't make them like Eric anymore, I did notice that for some time, he was wearing hearing aids in both ears. Very sad day, he was well liked. Jim. Lincolnn .7
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Many here won't remember him I guess. But he was a shining beacon of comedy in the 1960s Thanks for all the laughs Eric. With Derek Guyler (Now immortalised as a 'voice' in Churchill ads) and Hattie Jaques, one-time wife of John (Sgt Wilson) LeMesurier Moggy

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A very great shame. This was a guy who could lift your spirits, however down you were. As has been said already, they don't make them like him anymore, and our comedy will be the poorer for his passing. :(

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Another great talent lost. :( "...He joined the Royal Air Force during World War II, qualifying as a wireless operator with the rank of Leading Aircraftman...."
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A comic genius and one of my favourite comedians.
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A sad loss to the world of comedy. I used to love watching "Sykes" as a kid where he played alongside Hattie Jacques who played his siter if I remember rightly
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"I tend to live in the wonderful world of my head, where every day the sun shines. Because of my age I like to live in an armchair and do just that." Eric Sykes quote R.I.P. Eric the world is a poorer place with your passing.

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With Derek Guyler (Now immortalised as a 'voice' in Churchill ads)
thank you for that, I've been trying to place Churchills voice for a while. Now it makes sense. Very sad news about Eric Sykes. I grew up with his comedy and other greats like Ronnie Barker, Tommy Cooper and Dick Emery.
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Great loss. A writer for the goon show and one of my all time favorite films rhubarb. RIP
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From my favourite flying film.... Sir Percy Ware-Armitage: And I've arranged for the Frenchman to be detained by a lovely young lady. Courtney: Ho, ho, guvnor, I'll bet she's a bit of all right. Sir Percy Ware-Armitage: You should know, Courtney, she's your daughter. Courtney: But guvnor, she's an innocent young girl! Sir Percy Ware-Armitage: Not IS, Courtney, WAS! RIP Mr Sykes.
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I remember him talking about some awards do or other he'd been to where he sat with Sir John Mills. Eric was very deaf by this time and Sir John Mills was almost blind. Eric apparently said to Sir John something along the lines of I'll tell you where to walk if you tell me when someone's talking to me. Sykes has been on most mornings for the last few weeks and it's been a pleasure to see them again. Regards, kev35